Investment Services


Investment Services

Investing your money to help fund your goals for life is a highly personal exercise. We believe in the perfect balance of a set of integrated wealth management services combined with ongoing, impartial advice.

We offer services no matter what your lifestyle, stage of life, or specific needs.

Discover what we can do to help you live your dreams.




Affordable Travel Insurance

If you are planning a trip out-of-province, don’t leave home without travel health insurance. As a client, you have access to IPC Travel through SecuriGlobe; your best travel insurance advisor – with a unique expertise in the travel insurance industry, particularly in the retiree and snowbird market. SecuriGlobe is accredited by the most competitive insurers in Canada, meaning a single call is all you need to compare the products and rates of 15 of the largest insurers.

The travel insurance products available include:

Single trip daily plans

Multi-trip annual plans

Canada-nly plans

Emergency medical, paramedical or hospital care

Baggage insurance (loss or delay)

Trip cancellation or ionterruption

Coverage for expatriates, foreign 

students, or visitors to Canada

Special risks insurance

Accident and flight accident insurance (death or dismemberment)

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